The Pickled Jell-o Food Prank
Pickled Jell-o is a great way to prank large gatherings. It’s easy and fun to make, and everyone’s reactions are priceless. The possibilities are endless.
  1. Bring the water to a boil. Meanwhile, mix together the jell-o, gelatin, and salt. Once water reaches a boil, pour over the mixed ingredients and stir until dissolved.
  2. Once all dry ingredients are dissolved, pour in the cold pickle brine and stir until evenly mixed. Cover with plastic wrap touching top of jell-o and let sit in fridge until set (~4 hours).
  3. Make the whipped cream by beating the heavy whipping cream, sugar, and lemon extract in a bowl. Whip until it forms a stiff peak when held sideways.
  4. Spread whipped cream over jell-o and serve! You can optionally top it with berries or chocolate shavings (anything to increase the initial appeal, right?)