Fun St. Patrick’s Day Green Food Ideas

Whenver St. Patrick’s day rolls around, inevitably I start thinking of Dr. Seuss’s book, “Green Eggs and Ham.” I’ve always loved that book; Sam-I-am is hilarious trying to get the other guy to eat the colored food. I’m sure Dr. Seuss had feeding kids in mind when writing it. But just taste it! Okay, back to food coloring…I always start experimenting with food coloring around the holidays, and sometimes end up with some pretty weird stuff, luckily though, it’s always edible and the kids still eat it.

Seeing how today is Saint Patrick’s Day, I decided I’d write down some ideas for you to mix up your food routine. Keep in mind that the possibilities are endless. I’ve taken the time to just write out a few. Think GREEN with everything you make and you’re well on your way to a festive St. Patrick’s Day meal.

Fun Breakfast Ideas

The trick to a fun Saint Patrick’s Day breakfast is food coloring and cookie cutters. Green food coloring can be added to nearly any food to change the color. This includes pancakes, waffles, cereal milk, butter spreads, scrambled eggs, and country gravy. Some don’t turn out as nice and green as you’d probably like, but it’s still a lot of fun for you and the kids. Cookie cutters can be used to shape pancakes and biscuits into fun St. Patrick’s Day shapes as well.

Fun Lunch Ideas

Add green food coloring to the mayonnaise or sandwich spread for a fun change of pace. Use cookie cutters to cut out the bread and meat shapes before making the sandwich. Add food coloring to your milk as well. Pistachio pudding is another great green addition.

From JYs Baking Journals

From JY’s Baking Journals

Fun Dinner Ideas

Once again, it’s the green food coloring to the rescue. Let’s face it. Most foods aren’t going to be green, so we need the food coloring. When you make your dinner rolls or biscuits, add green food coloring to the milk before adding it to the dry mixture. This will help the food coloring spread more evenly. Deviled eggs can be mixed to have green filling, as can mashed potatoes. Don’t forget the green jello and juice mix as well. Using fresh herbs to adorn your meats can be another way to add green to your dinner table.

Fun Dessert and Snack Ideas

Cupcakes anyone? You can dye a white cake mix to be green, as well as add green frosting to the top of any cupcake or cake. Green sprinkles are fun as well. Rice Crispy treats are fun and easy to make. this time, add the green food coloring for a little extra pizazz. More ideas are mint ice cream (which can also be added to 7-Up or Sprite and a dollop of whipped cream for a fun drink), green sugar cookies, green centered Oreos, or Oreos dipped in green frosting or green milk, and don’t forget the cookie cutter shapes which can be used for more than just cookies.

Use any of these ideas along with green place holders, napkins, cups, etc. and you’ll have a more festive St. Patrick’s Day. Do you have additional ideas? Please let everyone know in the comments below.

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